The Dreamers website

Often compared to his masterpiece 'Last Tango in Paris', The Dreamers was introduced as Bernardo Bertolucci's return to form and a celebration of cinema and it's hard to argue.

Set in Paris in 1968 amid the student riots, 2 siblings and their American friend hole them- selves up in their parents huge apartment, While they are away, oblivious to the things that take shape around them…
The site mirrors this in its structure, allowing you to progress through different rooms in the apartment, which becomes more and more dishevelled the more you discover until finally, the world outside breaks through the window.
The aim of the website was to re-tell parts of the film, but altogether in a dreamlike way, as if you had seen the film and were dreaming about it, at times drawing parallels to today and mixing up the linear narrative of the film. Just like the film, the site is set entirely in a vast Paris apartment, and allows you to enter various rooms to get a glimpse of parts of the story.
The further you progress in the site, the more messy the apartment becomes and the more frequently the outside world of political riots intrudes on the story, until at last, you "awaken" - slightly confused about what was real and what was a dream.

The Dreamers website reel
We got to present it to the man himself, which was an experience in itself.
Created at Hi-ReS! 2003