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Breaking through the stigma of hearing aids
Agency of record
Breaking through the stigma of hearing aids
We created an AI-powered app and user companion that works with most major Bluetooth hearing aids to help people get the most out of their devices.
Wearing a hearing aid has radically changed for the better.
Not because of new hearing aid technology, but because we've designed a service that finally puts the user firmly in control of using it.

We also introduced the companion feature. A lot of people stop wearing their hearing aids because they find it difficult to master.
The companion learns about user needs and behaviours to keep them motivated and supported exactly when needed.

Hearing capacity is truly regained when you can change hearing direction in an instant, reduce noise such as wind, traffic or drilling, and change scenery programmes when going from the park to the theatre or into a busy café.

Digital business transformation
On launch day we saw a 10% rise in Amplifon shares
and 6,558 downloads in the first 4 months.
The app is a crucial building block of Amplifon's digital transformation strategy.
It helps to attract a new, younger generation of customers, and it satisfies the changing needs of Amplifon's core target audience before, during and after sales, underlining Amplifon's position as the global leader in hearing care service provider and retail.
Hear life in full: Amplifon case study film
We created a better experience. The app is set to offer more features than any other hearing aid app currently on the market but most importantly it will make a difference in the everyday life of the customer.
Designing the Amplifon Ecosystem
Across all digital channels.
We have designed several websites for Amplifon.
Initially by launching the new website for EMEA by defining a new universal UX and design system on the AEM platform.

We have extended that work into localisations such as the US market with the Miracle-Ear site and unlocked new opportunities with the refresh of the corporate (investor driven) site and the launch of a new lead generation site called

We also direct and deliver the content that is created for all the different touch points and experiences we've designed, such as the app and websites.
This also includes content that can be used across social channels and promotional content for investor days.
EMEA Website

US Website

Corporate website

Lead Generation Website
Our icons are inspired by the shape of the Amplifon logo to keep a visual and unique brand consistency throughout the entire experience.
We were invited to the Re-Branding Pitch for the Amplifon brand.
We gave our digital work a bolder appearance and applied this thinking to the entire Amplifon ecosystem.
Here is a selection of our new vision for digital, corporate design, ATL, packaging and merchandising:
Credits app:
Executive Creative Director: Fura Johannesdottir
Creative Director: Alexandra Jugović

Client Executive : Luca Galli
Delivery Lead : Saverio Baggio
PM : Sinja Hohn

UX: Noha Nada, Christian Fischer
Design: Daniele Signoriello, Yehia Nada
Motion: Pedro Uzcategui, Antonino Iacona

Service Design: Yenny Otero
Strategy : Dave Lowe
Copy: Simon Phillips

Content Factory Production: Miyagi

Re-Branding Pitch Creds:
CD: Alexandra Jugovic
ACD: Steven Leon
Design: Elliott Wright, Elena Rey
Copy: Faria Ferdous

Created at Publicis Sapient 2018-2019

Digital Impact Awards 2019
Gold Award for Best Use of Digital from the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector

The Drum DADI Award 2019
Healthcare and Pharma

OMMA Awards 2019
Online Advertising Creativity: Mobile App

2 BIMA Awards 2019
Healthcare: Budget over 70k
Advance Award for Craft

2 One Show Merit 2019
Mobile: Physical Product & Mobile Integration
Digital Craft: Utility

EPICA Bronze 2018
Mobile Sites & Apps