A live-data immersive art installation
A live-data immersive art installation
At Money20/20, databloom captivated 300+ visitors and generated 157 new business leads. By marrying art and commerce, we proved data can be as beautiful as it is valuable.

Customers will sit at the centre of their own personal worlds, connecting the brands they choose to bring into their life with the data required to deliver their services.

To help visualise data around an individual in a new and more tangible way we have created our databloom live-data art installation that brings to life a radical new data-driven future for consumers and business.

Imagine each data source as a seed, arranged with you at the centre…
The Experience
Our installation uses cutting edge technologies to bring to life the power of data for people, businesses and brands.
In the post-GDPR world, it's people that hold the balance of power. Once leaders see that data revolves around individuals, not businesses, they can organise it accordingly, and use it to create innovative, radically personalised new services.

We brought this complex idea to life for key players in the Financial Services industry, at the leading innovation showcase, Money20/20, in Amsterdam.
By moving beyond standard representations of data (cold at best, alarming at worst) we wanted to create a completely new way for businesses to look at the data-powered future, help delegates explore some of the commercial opportunities, demonstrate Publicis Sapient's thought leadership in this exciting field, and start valuable new business conversations.

In the first room, a custom-built handheld device gathers biometric data such as heartbeat, height and clothing colour. This is then animated in realtime as a unique, interactive databloom. Users can release their data by blowing on the device as they would a dandelion, to see their data particles join a growing cloud of untamed data.

'databloom' captured not only people's data, but also their imagination. It dramatically shifted brand perceptions, delivered concrete new business results on the day and has generated a long-term thought-leadership platform.

Over three days at Money20/20, databloom attracted over 300 visitors and 157 new business leads. By marrying art and commerce, we proved data can be as beautiful as it is valuable.

Case study film
Case studies from the future
Things you never knew you wanted.
Things you've never asked for.
Things you can't live without.

The second of the two rooms of the installation brings to life the power of organising consumer data in meaningful, creative ways.
Evoking gallery spaces, the screen showing our databloom manifesto film is framed by photographs, portraying some innovative services data could unlock.
My smart-switch app helps my money go further.
I don't think about the phone, energy, bank or credit card companies I use, and I'm done with all that. Instead, I get it through an app that sorts it out. It knows what I'm up to in my life and just switches to whatever's right for me at the time when things change. I always know I have the best deal and, that's a win for me.
Sharing data makes service switching effortless, and brand relationships dissolve.
My house helps pay its own mortgage.
My roof full of solar panels makes me money as well as saving me money. My energy provider gives me a projected long-term wholesale value on the electricity my panels can put back into the grid. That money off-sets my mortgage payments so I can pay off my mortgage earlier, or I can use it as a guarantee for a bigger loan for a bigger home.
Linking data across companies opens up new smart services.
My bank looks after my health as well as my money.
I trust my bank. They've always looked after me and they're looking after me more than ever now. I have my medical and life insurance through my bank and they let me know how I'm getting on with my health goals. If I shop and exercise well in a month I get money off my insurance. I can choose to give myself a treat or save it for later.
Brands can leverage and expand their customer relationships if they offer innovative services.
Created at Publicis Sapient 2018
Executive Creative Director: Fura Johannesdottir
Creative Director: Alexandra Jugović

FS EMEA Marketing Lead: Louise Perry
Consultant Marketing Director FS EMEA: Conor McNicholas

Producer: David Lamb
Strategic Advisor, Open Banking : Louise Beaumont

Design: Ben Leedham, Jude Gay, Ze Paz
Experience Design: Joanne Hippolyte
Creative Team: Rachel Clough, Jan Pruijser

Motion Design: Marko Anstice
Photographer: Andy Lo Pò

Digital installation experience: Marshmallow Laser Feast

Digital Impact Awards
Silver Award for Best Use of Digital from the professional services sector

CMA Gold
Best use of imagery

ECHO Bronze
Art Direction
Nominated for best use of experiential
The Drum's DADI Awards
Nominated in three categories:
Best B2B Sector Campaign
Best Use of Data
Best In-House Campaign