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Global digital agency of record
Global digital agency of record
Our remit for the brand covered everything from platform design and build, localisation and maintenance to content strategy and creation.
From winning the Jägermeister account as the international digital agency of record all the way back in 2008, Hi-ReS! developed the worldwide platform, localised the site in more then 20 languages, developed social media and mobile strategies, created a new brand visual identity and launched several apps and quite a few local and international campaigns in between for a glorious 7 years.

Our remit for the brand covered everything from platform design and build, localisation and maintenance to content strategy and creation. It was a lot of work and a lot (!) of fun.
The very first website we created for Jägermeister was built on the concept of transformation. Because the transformative power of the brand, and more importantly the drink, is evident - take for example the film The Hangover.

The site was created in Flash at the time (2009) which allowed for seamless transitions, most of which were created in CG.

The visitor did not navigate through it; he passed through innumerable multi-layered transformations, that all originated from the same place, the site's core – the Jägermeister bottle.
It was the central element, granted access to each facet of the brand Jägermeister and lead the visitor to new visual dimensions.
Content creation
Over our 7-year relationship, we touched on numerous aspects of the brand and invariably, content creation became a key component alongside the design & build of 2 site generations.

Where the first website essentially was the content, the second site, built as responsive html, had higher demands for moving image to populate it.
We delivered all of it through our satellite Hi-ReS! Films, from social content to TVC to PoS and much in between.
Jägermeister Rebirth
Jägermeister approached Hi-ReS! with the exciting proposal to create a short video to subtly promote the drinks brand across a range of clubs in Germany. Their brief was to create a looping video using some of the key iconography associated with the brand.
We proposed to create something quite abstract, whilst simultaneously telling a story:
The idea was to visualise the intensity of a shot of Jäger, from the first drop to the cooling sensation to the taste explosion that follows and ebbs until you are ready for the next one ;-)

The modelling was kept simple for stylistic purposes, and landscapes were designed to change and shift on their journey, taking the evolutionary process from the deep to the mountainous peaks and back again!
Was passiert...?
In one of the most fun campaigns we have created, we asked the Jägermeister fans to suggest an ending to a yet to be fully released new TV ad.
At one scene in the ad, a group of friends relaxing to a shot of Jäger on a high seat in the forest, notice something strange happening in a meadow. We cut the ad at this point and asked: "What's happening on the meadow?" ("Was passiert auf der Lichtung?" in German).
Suggestions ranged from the surreal to the … well, very surreal.

With a team of 8 animators, we created an animation for each of them in near real-time, attached them to the rest of the ad and sent it back to them to share with their friends.
Created at Hi-ReS! 2008-2015

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