Noah Campaign

Sometimes you don't need to talk about the protagonist to talk about the protagonist.
Noah Campaign
Sometimes you don't need to talk about the protagonist to talk about the protagonist.
The experiences are designed to work across desktop, tablet and mobile and even the ambitious and graphics intensive ARK can be accessed and experienced fully from the palm of your hand.
Noah marks Hi-ReS!' fifth collaboration with Darren Aronofsky after Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler and Black Swan.
We created the digital campaign and art directed and designed the accompanying book published by Rizzoli NYC.
'THE ARK' experience, is the most interactive and elaborate element of the campaign. We wanted to create an opportunity to explore in great detail the other main character of the film, the ARK of Aronofsky's NOAH.
This meant that we needed to work from the blueprints which the art department of the film had started to create.
The ARK design was based on the knowledge of various scriptures, not only the Bible.
The team also took into consideration what it would mean in real world terms to build a structure of this size, to make it float… and how those living on board would be able to survive, generate heat and have enough food.
Case study film
Behind the scenes
The Noah campaign follows a 3 chapter narrative including teasers, interactive experiences and an enhanced main site.
Conversations had started with Darren quite early on, initially around a series of comic books they had created some 10 years earlier to sell the idea of the film to studios.
Soon, we talked about everything from digital campaign to living billboards. Of course not all of it made it across the finish line, but we are proud of the parts that did.
Making a film which sheds a new light on what is arguably the most well known story in the world was certainly a challenge, teasing that film leading up to the release doubly so.

Chapter 1, 'Beginnings', set the tone for the film, being launched alongside the teaser trailer in theatres. A scrolling video experience, the site uses footage from the film coupled with assets we created to tease some of the major themes of the film.
Noah Chapter 1: Beginnings reel
We wanted to extend the adventure and the wonder and horror of the film, into print.
Over the past 15 years we've built a unique working relationship with director Darren Aronofsky which had seen us create books for The Fountain and The Wrestler along our digital work.
So when he asked us to design and conceive a book for publishers Rizzoli to accompany Noah, we jumped at the chance.
Using the most stunning stills from the movie, we reordered and reinterpreted them to communicate the vision of Darren Aronofsky and (writing partner) Ari Handel.

The result is an intense and powerful hardback book that uses a mix of printing techniques to enhance the vision, and which includes the full script in a separate booklet.
Created at Hi-ReS! and SYZYGY Warsaw 2014


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